Crburateur for peugeot | Carburetor definition

Crburateur for peugeot | Carburetor definition

Carburetor is a mechanical device that mixes a certain proportion of gasoline with air under the vacuum produced by engine operation Carburetor, as a precise mechanical device, atomizes gasoline by using kinetic energy of inhaled air flow. Its important role in the engine can be called the "heart" of the engine.Carburetor is composed of upper, middle and lower parts, the upper part has an oil inlet nozzle and choke valve, the middle part has a float chamber, a throat, a metering hole and a nozzle, and the lower part has a throttle valve etc.

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Carburateur for peugeot | Carburetor classification

Carburateur for peugeot Carburetors can be divided into:

Carburetors are mainly divided into simple carburetors and complex carburetors, and are also divided into down-suction and flat-suction. The carburetor can be divided into rotary type and lift type according to the type of throttle valve.

Carburateur for peugeot | Carburetor classification

Carburateur for peugeot | Carburetor Principle

Carburateur for peugeot How the carburetor works:

The carburetor is actually a tube with an adjustable plate in the middle called the throttle plate that controls the flow of air through the tube. The tube has a constriction called a venturi where a vacuum is created. This constriction has a measuring hole through which fuel can be sucked in by vacuum.

Carburateur for peugeot | Carburetor Principle

Carburateur for peugeot | Application of carburetor

Carburateur for peugeot Application advantages of carburetor:

The carburetor can sense the working conditions of the engine, and for each working point, it can use its own advantages to make the fuel gas entering the engine achieve the best mixing ratio. The carburetor can not only improve the combustion efficiency of gasoline, but also save energy. It can also reduce the pollution of exhaust gas to the environment, and can effectively prolong the service life of the engine.

Carburateur for peugeot | Application of carburetor
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In modern designs of carburetors, the choke coils work automatically through the use of a thermostat and spring loading.

The job of the carburetor is to provide an air/fuel mixture to the internal combustion engine. The carburetor regulates the flow of air through its main orifice, this flowing air draws in the fuel, and the mixture enters the engine through the intake valve.

Fixed Venturi - Air velocity is used to regulate fuel flow. Variable Venturi - The flow of raw fuel is mechanically controlled and the airflow is regulated by the fuel flow.

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